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Take control of your house or business with MASTER Smart Home!

Imagine living in a home that can warm up before you get there and even have a different temperature in each room. Imagine being able to close all the rolls and awnings of the house in one go even after you have left your space. Imagine being able to manage your electrical appliances to save energy while keeping your home or business safe.

MASTER Smart Home is already here to make your imagination a reality!

Επιλέξτε κατηγορία έξυπνων συσκευών
MASTER - Smart Lighting
Create your favorite lighting scenes

What lighting intensity would you like at your kids party or for a romantic dinner? Create a group, add devices of your choice and create independent scenes according to your needs. Activate one of the scenes with only one touch on your phone. Leaving from the house have never been so easy. One touch and everything is turned off. During your absence would you like to open few lights or close your shutters automatically? Just play the scene “Ghost”

MASTER - Smart Shading Systems
Control your awnings and shutters from afar

You are at a friend’s house and remembered that you left your awnings down. Don’t worry because with one touch on your smartphone this isn’t a problem any more. Control your shutters and your awnings one by one or all together is a piece of cake. Open your shutters or your awnings to desirable position to enjoy the sunlight or the sky at night.

MASTER - Smart Appliances
Take control of your appliances

MASTER Smart Home can control all kinds of electrical loads with one touch either your are at home or not. If you want your coffee machine to prepare coffee every day half hour before you woke up or even you are faraway in a beautiful beach and remembered that you forgot to hose your garden then the only thing you have to do is a simple touch and your home will think of it’s own.

MASTER - Smart Climate Control
Smart heating and cooling systems

Have you been informed that your flight will be delayed and instead of arriving in the afternoon you are going to arrive at night or even the next day? How it would look like after your vacation to enter in your house and instead of humid heat you find a nice and cool environment? It’s only takes one touch and your home or business will act as it was alive with MASTER Smart Home.

Advantages of MASTER Smart Home
  • Visualization, control and management of electrical appliances
  • User friendly, easy-to-use interface
  • Secure connection to Wi-Fi
  • No central hub/gateway is required
  • Time-schedules
  • Maximum economy and comfort through smart scenes
  • Low implementation costs in existing or new installations
MASTER Smart Home

A new era
has begun!..

MASTER Smart Home is a new, innovative and with state
of the art design to help you controlling your electrical loads. The autonomous devices of MASTER Smart Home are
easy to install and control through Wi-Fi or Data with Smartphone, tablet or PC.

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MASTER Smart Home

All of the groups can be organized according to your needs making your home smart and acting on it’s own.

The control of the lightning, shading, heating and cooling with MASTER Smart Home offers you safety, comfortness and reliability.

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MASTER Smart Home
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MASTER Smart Home can control multiple devices at the same time according to your created scenes.

With this simple function can adjust the room temperature on you’re A/C and close your rolling shutters on the same time.

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MASTER Smart Home is not require new cable installation on your home or your business.

Fast and easy install the right device in the right place according to your electrical installation and take control.

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Download the MASTER Smart Home App

Make smart all your electrical loads in home or business. Control them or make time schedules according to your needs using smartphone, tablet or PC through Wi-Fi or Data.

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